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Online Spanish Lessons

Spanish Private Lessons

Whether you just need some brushing up on your Spanish skills, or are completely new to the Spanish language, I will offer a customized program to create your desired level of fluency. My private tutoring sessions are designed to be taken at each student’s own pace, and I always incorporate materials and teaching tools that will adequately address the strengths and weaknesses of each of my students. 


Each session can be conducted in person, or virtually if you’d like to stay in the comfort of your home.

Spanish Courses for Corporations
  • Executive program – Focused on executives and business owners with a very practical application.


As the Spanish-speaking population continues to grow exponentially in the US, it is essential that businesses promote a culturally inclusive and diverse environment for both customers and employees.


My customized immersion programs are specially designed to use a blend of English and Spanish to teach native concepts for better retention and cognitive recall. This is the perfect solution for corporations that have business dealings with international corporations, have a diverse workforce, or require heavy travel to Spanish-speaking locations such as Spain and Mexico.


  • Group lessons 


My group lessons are a cost-effective and efficient solution to introduce your corporate employees and team members to the Spanish language. This program can be customized to include everything from very basic concepts to extensive Spanish language integration within your daily business operations.

Spanish Special Courses

One of the best ways to apply your newly formed Spanish language knowledge, or to expand your Spanish vocabulary and fluency, is to apply it by reading. If you’d like to improve and practice your skills, we’d love for you to join our Spanish Book Club! The club offers assisted reading, individual activities, and group activities, with weekly sessions to discuss the book, offer insights, and dig deeply into the plot, storyline, and characters. 

Spanish Level: Intermediate


These verbs are very often the sticking point for many students, and due to the challenges these verbs present, I have devoted an entire class to this essential topic. With our journey through the five sessions outlined below, you will develop your knowledge of reflexive verbs through speaking, writing, and practical usage.


Session 1 - Understanding Reflexive Verbs and Reflexive Pronouns

Session 2 - Only exists when using the RP verbs

Session 3 - Verbs with significant change in meaning

Session 4 - Reflexive verbs when the action falls on ourselves

Session 5 - Wrapping up and practice with RV

Level of Spanish: Intermediate 



The Spanish subjunctive can be difficult to master, but with my class devoted to the conjugations and uses of the subjunctive, you’ll be expressing your moods and expressions like a native in no time. Eliminate common misuse mistakes that may lead to a misinterpretation of your stated intention, and learn to avoid these common pitfalls with focused tools to bridge the language barrier with efficient and practical applications.

Cross-Cultural Programs
Living & Working in Spain
Travelling to Mexico


Martin T.

Spanish Lessons


I have been working with Natalie consistently now for 11 months and she has boosted my Spanish skills to the next level. I had studied Spanish for 5 years in high school and college but after a 20 year break I was very rusty. I was only expecting Skype lessons but she has provided much more than that. She regularly sends focused grammatical topics in areas where we find weaknesses, pertinent idiomatic expressions, and frequent emails keeping me motivated. Natalie also has a very smooth and subtle way of keeping you challenged as your skills progress. She challenged me to read a novel in Spanish and amazingly I was able to read two. On top of high quality instruction we have a great time. I plan to continue studying with Natalie. March 3, 2017Verified Review

Nat is the best Spanish teacher I've had, and I've had many! I took Spanish lessons in high school and college and forgot a lot of what I learned. I've been working with Nat for about half a year now and I've noticed drastic improvement! Not only, she makes learning fun. She's a really funny, down to earth, and interesting person. So you don't feel like you're studying, you feel like your chatting with a friend. She takes this very seriously and will provide you information as much as you can learn. So if you want daily homework, she will send it to you. I have a full time job and a kid, so I can't study as much. So the materials that Nat sends me, are always very useful and to the point. I highly recommend her!

Aug 31, 2017 • Verified Review


Alyssa G.

Spanish Lessons


Nat is a wonderful teacher. As a native of Spain and former resident of Mexico, she has unmatched local knowledge of the intricacies of the Spanish language as it relates to Latin America and Spain. Beyond this, she shares in-depth regional cultural experiences that complement topics of business in the international environment. My fluidity in Spanish has increased greatly just over the past few months. Nat's patience and goal for personalized curriculum has helped me to accomplish that. She challenges her students each session, stretching their comfort just enough to confidently excel to the next step!

Aug 18, 2016 • Verified Review

Kamilla S.

Spanish Lessons

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