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Traveling to...Spain? 

Get insider secrets on how to make this trip the trip of a lifetime!

   Cost of living

A beer... 1,25 EUR

A dinner... 15-20 EUR

A coffee... 1,5 EUR

A bus/metro ticket... 1,5 EUR

A movie ticket... 6 EUR

A taxi from the airport... 30 EUR


Recreational activities & funHolidays

San Fermines

Feria de Abril

Las fallas de Valencia

Procesiones de Semana Santa

Foods to try!

Tortilla de patata

Café con leche

Una caña!

Tapas, tapas and tapas!

Jamón serrano




Chocolate con churros

and so on...


Distances by car

Madrid - Barcelona... 621 km Aprox. 6h. 47 EUR

Madrid - Sevilla... 533 km Aprox 5h. 40 EUR

Barcelona - Valencia...350 km. Aprox 3h26m. 26 EUR

Madrid- San Sebastián...452 km. Aprox.4h20m. 34 EUR

¿What to wear in order to look like a local?


Spring/Summer                      Fall /Winter


   - Sandals                              - Boots

   - Dresses                              - Trench/ coat

   - Jeans                                 - Scarves

   - Neutral tones                    - Gloves

Basic info

Currency: Euro


Language: Spanish


Please- Por favor

Thank you!- Gracias

You´re welcome- ¡De nada!

Bye- Adiós

Hi- Hola

Good morning- Buenos días!


 Short-term immersion program



A 45 minute  class on insider tips about traveling to Spain.

Includes  an individualized orientation  about:

- Cross-cultural differences

An overview of the basic cultural differences as you interact with a new culture

- Basic & Useful Spanish expressions

An inclusive packet that contains all the basic phrases you will need as you embark on your journey

- Safety

Basic safety tips while traveling

- Fun- cultural activities

Immerse yourself in the Spanish culture as you experience cultural activities


Tips on how to seem & act  like a local

- Restaurants

Don’t fall for tourist traps. With this guide, you’ll discover the best food spots in town, know which items to order from the menu, and get the best culinary experience.

- Best shopping spots

For many, shopping is an important agenda item on a vacation itinerary, but one that doesn’t always get enough time. So let me save you the hassle and make sure you have the best shopping experience. This is a list of hand selected top boutiques and shopping destinations where you’ll find the best souvenirs, clothes, and other goods.

- TAX refund

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