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New teaching tool for Reflexive Verbs in Spanish

Hello everyone! I would like to present to you "100 Reflexive Verbs In Spanish That You Need To Know"

I decided to write this book because in my experience as a Spanish teacher the "Reflexive Verbs" is one of the topics with which I have observed many students battle, from beginners to advanced, and I coulnd´t find a teaching tool for this important topic!

In fact, the book should be called something like "100 Pronominal Verbs in Spanish that you need to know", since what we will see in this book is 100 examples of reflexive, reciprocal and exclusively pronominal verbs. All have in common that they need to carry the reflexive pronoun. But in general students know them as reflexive verbs, that's why I decided on this title.

The book begins with some graphs showing where the reflexive pronoun should be placed according to the tense or verbal mood, followed by a section of frequently asked questions about these verbs and reflexive pronouns.

For the rest of the book, every verb that I decided to include is presented in a flash card style format. The verb is then presented in its reflexive version with its reflexive meaning and conjugated in different tenses and moods. If the verb has a non-reflexive version I have provided its non-reflexive meaning conjugated in different tenses also for comparison.

There are a total of 400 exercises and 500 examples.

I hope you find this book as a useful teaching or learning tool for this important topic.

Thank you!

Natalia Espinosa

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