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Expats in Mexico. The easy way to do it right.

The mixture of cultures is always exciting because it offers the possibility of experiencing a culture outside of their norm.

However, it's statistically proven that a very high percentage of expats fail in their mission, partly due to failing to adapt to their new environment, where, unfortunately, it is the expat’s family that often has the biggest challenge of adapting to the change.

Every day, some situations can generate a higher level of frustration and anxiety to the expat's family - the language barrier, schools, high level of bureaucracy, community acceptance, transportation, adjusting to the new diet, and immigration procedures.

In the process of expatriation to Mexico it is vital that the employee and his family are aware of the similarities and differences that exist within their own culture to their new culture. While it is true that people of Mexico, by nature, have appreciation and respect for foreigners, and most seek to avidly share the goodness and beauty of their country and customs, it’s necessary to be able to recognize the details that would help establish better and more efficient relationships throughout Mexico.

Assistance on the road

In such a relevant transition it is key to support your expats and their families constantly. Therefore, I have several Cross-Cultural programs to assist you during the initial process of relocation:

• Living & working in Mexico

• Occupational interactions in Mexico

• First steps in Mexico

The most important thing... Enjoy every moment of it!

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