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"Get insider secrets on how to make this trip the trip of a lifetime!"

Traveling to...Mexico? 

These short-term immersion programs are perfect for preparing you and your family for travel to Mexico. Guiding you with the knowledge of safety, transportation, cultural traditions, popular tourist spots, areas only known to locals, and learning how to interact with people from Mexico. I can offer you ideas for fun-cultural activities to immerse yourself within the Spanish culture. Activities such as cuisine courses, vineyards tours, etc. In our last session, you will learn basic expressions to assist you as you interact with people using the Spanish language. If you are interested, please email me with some basic information about your destination and I will be happy to help you as you prepare for this exciting time in your life!.


Contact us for more information or customized courses:

Tel. +1.615.934.4446

 Short-term immersion program



Two  45 minute classes on insider tips about traveling to Mexico.

Includes  an individualized orientation  about:

- Transportation


- Fun- cultural activities

- Etiquette 

- Restaurants

- Safety

- Best shopping spots

- Customs regulations

- Traveling with kids

- Cross-cultural differences

- Basic & Useful Spanish expressions

Assistance can be provided with reservations regarding some activities, excursions, etc. 


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