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Corporate training & Services

Onsite Language Trining

My curriculum is designed to achieve  rigorous linguistic goals for all levels, from beginners to experts, including specialized courses in different and specific business fields. My focus is on assisting my students to speak, understand, read and write in Spanish. With modern communicative teaching methods, I ensure that my students develop practical skills to communicate effectively in Spanish while they enjoy learning this beautiful language.


  • One on One: These private classes are designed for those who seek personalized attention. I offer private lessons for all levels. My lessons are tailored to address individual’s particular needs.


  • Group Lessons (2-10 people). Content and the approach to teaching are designed around the needs of each student in their particular groups. The recommended program consists of 30 hours throughout 15 weeks.




Onsite Workshops:


  • Business Workshop. Intermediate. 

        This workshop focuses on developing a variety of skills needed  by  professionals to communicate competently and comfortably in the Spanish - speaking business world.


        Workshop Format 


  • Communicative activities – phone calls, meetings, interviews, etc.

  • Business Spanish writing exercises

  • Simulated professional presentation and speech skills

  • Develop techniques in negotiations

  • Business terms, idioms and expressions


        $ 180 per participant*

        Duration: 5hrs

        * (minimum 5 participants required)


  • Spanish Culture & Language Workshop. Beginners.

 This workshop focuses on learning the vocabulary and phrases you need to get started. Through immersive instruction and activities, you will be  able to get directions while traveling, order food in a restaurant, ask and         answer common questions, and also to have a better understanding of the             Hispanic Culture.


            Workshop Format


  • Basic Spanish expressions

  • Cultural insights


        $ 180 per participant*

        Duration: 5hrs


        * (minimum 5 participants required)


Virtual Lessons 


My virtual courses  are tailored to my students learning needs whatever they may be.This is an attractive alternative to a classroom environment. It provides an opportunity to learn and practice Spanish without being physically present at a local center.


            $30/ 45-minute session

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