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Hi! I'm Natalia, founder of S&D Spanish.


I am also a  proud mom of two, a happy wife, a passionate traveler, love to dance, to cook and to discover new places, people, flavors, styles…experiences!


While I was born and raised in Spain, I have lived and worked in four other countries, including Mexico where I lived for eight years. Since 2014, I have resided in the United States, where my marriage to an expat helped me understand how useful a simple guide could be. This belief led me to take up a career in teaching Spanish eight years ago. During that time, I created S & D  Spanish.


Being able to help others learn and appreciate my mother tongue brings me a tremendous amount of joy, as I see how a second language can open so many doors. I also love the idea of being able to create materials that make learning easier and more fun for my students.

Likewise, I not only love teaching the language but also cultural aspects, which makes language immersion easier and helps students really connect with the people they meet.

Remember, learning a foreign language is not a speed race... ¡Disfruta cada paso y sé feliz con cada logro!

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